Allyson K - Cumberland, Maine

"I have been trying to do it already, but this course was a good reminder to be constantly identifying and calling out gender bias and misconduct that I see, both at work and in my personal life. Also, to be notifying my staff of the reporting numbers and Bar Counsel contact information if they want to anonymously seek advice."

John R - Portland, Maine

"Guidance on reporting sexual misconduct."

Linda G - BROOKSVILLE, Maine

"Zero tolerance"

Doug J - Hallowell, Maine

"use of media "

Matthew L - Worcester, Massachusetts

"Be aware that one person can make a difference, as other victims likely will come forward when misconduct is reported"

Jonathan H - Skowhegan, Maine

"Will report sexual harassment if I encounter it"

William A - Ellsworth, Maine

"Report misconduct"

Erin K - Windham, Maine

"I work for myself now, so don't have any issues. But this would have been helpful when I was at a prior place of employment. Glad you are addressing this as it is more common than you can imagine. "

Robert B - Falmouth, Maine

"Do not ignore sexual bias."

Mark B - Denver, Colorado

"Report anything I observe "